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The BRL-CAD package is a powerful Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) solid modeling system with over 20 years development and production use by the U.S. military. BRL-CAD includes an interactive geometry editor, parallel ray-tracing support for rendering and geometric analysis, path-tracing for realistic image synthesis, network distributed framebuffer support, image-processing and signal-processing tools. The entire package is distributed in source code form.

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The BRL-CAD website has been undergoing a complete redesign and we are about ready to publicly announce and deploy the new site. Your help in testing the site is requested. Please visit the new design *here* and let us know what you think, particularly if you run into any display or navigation issues. Thank you!




  1. Overview of BRL-CAD
  2. Introduction to MGED ( PDF)
  3. Principles of Effective Modeling ( PDF )
  4. Converting Geometry Between BRL-CAD and other Formats ( PDF )
  5. Developing applications
  6. Building from the sourceforge SVN repository
  7. Code documentation formatted courtesy of doxygen
  8. Some ARL Technical Reports
  9. Users group presentations


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